Toyota JFS21 Sewing Machine Review

Toyota JFS21 Sewing Machine*Overall Rating: ★★★★½

*No. of Consumer Reviews Found: 15

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If you need a sewing machine for mainly sewing jeans, the Toyota JFS21 is possibly one of the best sewing machines on the market. Though it is ideally for sewing jeans it can be used for all your sewing tasks and with 21 stitch choices it really can do a lot of work. There is a lot that this sewing machine has to offer and it goes way beyond 21 stitch options.

Here you will find out all about the Toyota JFS21 sewing machine including a list of its features along with some Toyota JFS21 reviews as well – everything you need to know on one page so you can decide if this sewing machine is what you are looking for.

Toyota JFS21 Sewing Machine Description

The Toyota sewing machine with model number JFS21 has a lot of features one of the most stand out one being its 21 stitch options. Along with the 21 automatic stitches there are also 4 manual stitch options. With a 70 watt motor this sewing machine has all the power you need. It comes with three needle positions and loads to the front, having an automatic bobbin winding feature. The Toyota JFS21 has it all.

With your purchase of this sewing machine you get a darning plate, zipper foot, button hole cutter, a starter pack of needles, two bobbins, a needle plate driver, seam support and the instruction manual.

Toyota JFS21 Features

  • 70 watt motor
  • 3 needle positions
  • 21 automatic stich settings
  • 4 manual stitch settings
  • Front load



  • Bobbin winds automatically
  • 4 step button hole
  • Zipper insertion capabilities
  • Push lever release
  • Clip on feet
  • Button hole foot
  • Button hole cutter
  • Zipper foot
  • Needle plate driver
  • Darning plate
  • Instruction manual
  • Three year manufacturer’s guarantee

Customer Reviews for Toyota JFS21 Sewing Machine

When it comes to Toyota JFS21 reviews there are a lot to go around. If you don’t have the time to read them all you can still get a basic idea of what the majority of these reviews are saying. Right here you will find some of those reviews but before you delve into them here are some of what reviewers are saying about the Toyota JFS21.

  • ‘Very Pleased.’
  • ‘Compact, for storage.’
  • ‘…excellent value for money.’
  • ‘Really satisfied.’
  • ‘Best anniversary present ever.’

One of the reviews we looked at was done by a lady who was new to the world of sewing. She gave the Toyota JFS21 five stars and states that she recommends it to anyone looking for a sewing machine. She says though she had only used the sewing machine three times before writing the review that she was extremely pleased with it. She said the machine did very well to sew jeans. She also noted in her review that the instructions that are provided with the sewing machine were very clear and that she could easily pick it up and move it when necessary and store it when not in use.  She went on to say that it is excellent value for money and the only thing it would need would be a storage cover.

One reviewer simply stated that the Toyota JFS21 sewing machine was one that does what the manufacturer said it does. She gave it a five star rating and states she will definitely recommend it to anybody that is on the market for a sewing machine.

One reviewer said they chose this sewing machine after looking at a lot of machines and a lot of reviews on the internet. She said she is pleased with this sewing machine as it does a great job of handling the heavy material. She says the instruction booklet was remarkably useful and the only thing that she would have wanted otherwise was a cover for the machine.

One reviewer says the Toyota JFS21 sewing machine is an ideal sewing machine for persons who have just started to sew. She says she recommends the product as it provides a great amount of value for money and she gave it a five star rating.

One reviewer said she purchased this sewing machine for her daughter whom is new at sewing. She also stated that at the price the Toyota JFS21 is a great buy and a great sewing machine. She noted that the instructions were easy to follow and so both winding the bobbin and threading the machine were a breeze. She went on to say that there are a great amount of stitches to choose from and it is great how well the sewing machine handles thick material like denim. She said the machine was a great buy and that you get a lot more than your money is worth with its purchase.

One lady said she got this sewing machine as an anniversary present and that it has been one of the best gifts she has received for her anniversary. She loves that it is extremely easy to use and loves that it comes with really simple instructions for use. She also noted that the sewing machine was also child friendly and is what her son uses for his school projects. She went on to say how easy it is to get accessories for the machine. She finished by saying that is great for those who are new at sewing or for those who have been doing it for years. She gave it an excellent five star rating and recommends it to friends.

One reviewer stated that they are pleased with the sewing machine because it is easy to use and set up was straightforward. They love the fact that they can easily select the different stitches and the fact that there are a large amount of stitches to choose from. She says she is really satisfied with her purchase and would recommend the product.


The Toyota JFS21 is lightweight and according to reviewers it really provides the consumer with value for money.


A couple of reviewers found the only thing they would add to this package is a cover or case for the machine.


The Toyota JFS21 sewing machine is a good purchase and you can tell this from the reviews that you can find both here as well as on the sellers website. With a three year manufacturer’s guarantee you are certain you will not be making a bad purchase decision.


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