Toyota Sewing Machine

The Toyota Sewing Machine Company is a member of the AISIN Europe group and has for its motto – “Quality Supremacy, User Friendliness and Elegant Appearance”. This group is known for creating items that are ideal for creating a society that is sustainable. They ensure that they create the highest quality products while minimizing the impact that their manufacture has on our environment. They program they use to achieve this is called the Life Cycle Assessment and Alternative Energy Research.

About the Toyota Sewing Machine Company

For over 60 years Toyota sewing machines have been made to be effective, durable and elegant. Their first sewing machine was created in 1946. It was the founder of the Toyota Motor Corporation Kiichiro Toyota who supervised the design and construction of this sewing machine. The first sewing machine made by the Toyota Home Sewing Company was such a success that they decided to use the same logo they used on their motor vehicles on the sewing machine as well. Since then the company has continued to create designs that are functional and that provide many consumers with unmatched sewing memories that will stay with them for a lifetime. They are known for providing sewing machines that are easy to use but built with the best craftsmanship you can find in the manufacture of sewing machines.  With their wide customer base across the UK and the world, their products are available at major retailers both online and offline.

Toyota 15JSPB The aim of the Toyota Company is to have quality as their first and foremost objective. This they accomplish with much expertise and have been doing so ever since their inception. They encourage individuals to be economically mindful by sewing and alteration of clothes. This is a great idea for even those with children of the same sex. With a Toyota sewing machine and some hand me downs you can help save the environment while saving money at the same time. They have quite a number of sewing machines that can aide you with that. One such is the Super Jeans Sewing Machine which is a relatively new offering from the company. This sewing machine has new technology that allows the user to sew up to 12 layers of jeans or 12 ounces. It also features a drop in bobbin and comes with 15 stitch options for you to choose form. It comes with all the accessories you need to start sewing right out of the box. These accessories include a zipper foot, blind hem foot, button hole foot, overcast foot, bobbins, needles, unpicker and a cover. This particular model comes with a 3 year warranty from the manufacturer. Another option is the Toyota 15JSPB  Sewing Machine which is a great home sewing machine for all your little sewing projects and tasks. It has only one dial but has a race way that is made completely of metal along with a free extension table.

The Toyota Sewing Machine Company is still the proud manufacturer of quality sewing machines for home use. They ensure that the produce the best quality while having the smallest impact on our environment as they possibly can.


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