The Singer 2250 Sewing Machine Review

Singer 2250 sewing machine review*Overall Rating: ★★★★½

*No. of Consumer Reviews Found: 51

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For a professional yet easy to use and lightweight sewing machine, many would recommend the Singer 2250 sewing machine. This model is the sewing machine that offers convenience and sewing capabilities to even those who don’t know much about sewing and sewing machines. You can use this machine for all your sewing needs, from mending garments to creating custom décor for your home to include curtains, tablecloths etc.

To make sewing even easier for the beginner this sewing machine has 8 built in patterns so you can create professional looking pieces with little know how and experience. This is definitely one of the best if not the best sewing machine when it comes to convenience. Read on to find out more about the Singer 2250 including real user feedback.

The Singer 2250 Sewing Machine Description

The Singer 2250 is manufactured by one of the best manufacturer of sewing machines; Singer. Just from that fact alone you know that it is a great sewing machine. If you need a machine for making garments or for doing mending and house décor items this is a good one to choose. If you don’t know much about sewing machines or sewing and are just starting out this is a great beginner’s machine that can grow with you. It is very efficient and can do 10 automatic stiches to make sewing simpler for you. It also has automatic bobbin winding so you don’t have to be fiddling with the bobbin when it needs to be filled. You can confidently make your purchase of the Singer 2250 sewing machine since it comes with a two year guarantee from the manufacturers.

The Singer 2250 Features

  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Ten stitch options
  • Eight embroidery patterns
  • Automatic bobbin winding
  • Four step button hole, button hole and button sewing foot
  • 85 watt motor
  • Two needle positions
  • Front load
  • Push activated lever reverse
  • Clip on feet
  • Zipper inserting function and zipper foot
  • Indicates selected stitch pattern
  • Controllable stitch length and width
  • Zig zag foot
  • Five needles included
  • Three included bobbins
  • Seam guide
  • Oil bottle
  • Seam ripper or brush and seam guide
  • Screw driver
  • Spool holder
  • Darning plate
  • Two years manufacturers guarantee

Customer Reviews for the Singer 2250 Sewing Machine

There are quite a number of Singer 2250 reviews that we’ve read through so you don’t have to. Here are some of these reviews to help you with your purchase decision. Here are a couple snippets of what people have said in their reviews for the Singer 2250 sewing machine;

  • “Great, smooth, good quality machine.”
  • “Amazing price, good all-rounder.”
  • “This one is light, quiet and does all and more than we need.”
  • “My wife is quite impressed with it and that is the acid test.”
  • “This one is light, quiet and does all and more than we need.”

One customer started their review by saying that they were a first time user of sewing machines and found the Singer 2250 to be really easy to use. She said the instructions were easy to read and follow and were outlined in a step by step manner. She states that in her experience the item stopped working after a week but she was able to get a totally new machine from the seller because it happened during the 30 days that you are allowed to return the item. They finished by saying that they left the store a happy customer and would definitely recommend this sewing machine to a friend.

One reviewer said that they are a beginner and they found the instructions to be very basic. They went on to say that the machine is great and since owning it they have used it to make a quilt. They also spoke to how lightweight the machine was and how they are so happy with it that they use it literally every day. They recommend the purchase of the Singer 2250 sewing machine.

Another reviewer said the machine is built with great quality materials and is a great choice. They note that the price was great; they are happy with their purchase and would recommend it to a friend.

A gentleman reviewer said he purchased the machine for his wife as a Christmas present as her old machine was getting cranky. He says this one is lightweight, quiet and does everything that they need it to do and they would definitely recommend its purchase.

Another reviewer states that the Singer 2250 provides purchasers with excellent value for money and that the instructions are easy to understand due to the fact that they are clearly laid out. They note that it was a bit fiddly to get the bobbin in but said the machine was very good overall and that they recommend its purchase and use.

One reviewer states that they purchase this as a replacement for a sewing machine they had that gave out. They gave it an excellent five star review and said they would definitely recommend it as it is a ‘brilliant’ sewing machine that does a perfect job. They say anyone who wants a machine that is suitable for beginners and experts then this is a great one that comes at a great price.

A lady in the age 35 to 44 age range said they purchased the Singer 2250 after their dearly loved machine stopped working. She says since receiving and using this machine she has been pleasantly surprised as it has surpassed her expectations. She says she will not hesitate to recommend it to anyone as it is a great machine that has left her very pleased. There was also another review that closely mirrored the comments of this reviewer as well.

One of the Singer 2250 reviews we saw was written with someone with a lot of expertise in sewing. She admits that it has been a couple of years since she has sewn anything but she loves this machine and is 100% satisfied with it. They said they purchased this after purchasing one of a different brand and having trouble with it and not getting any help from their helpline. She finishes her review by saying that he Singer 2250 is an excellent sewing machine.


The Singer 2250 is lightweight and compact and is suitable for use by both beginners and experts in the field of sewing.


One reviewer found it a bit ‘fiddly’ to get the bobbin in but said it got easier with practice.


Singer 2250 reviews all point to the fact that this sewing machine is one of the best on the market. With a two year money back guarantee from the manufacturer you can make your purchase with confidence.



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