Mini Sewing Machines

Many people choose mini sewing machines for teaching or learning how to sew. They are usually great choices for this job as they are usually lightweight and portable and do not have a lot of features to confuse and take the fun out of learning. These are not to be confused with toy sewing machines however as toy sewing machines do not offer a lot of diversity and usually can do just a simple flat stitch. Mini sewers are advantageous in this case because of a number of reasons.

Advantages of Mini Sewers

  • Controlled speed – since these sewing machines go slower than the average sewing machine they are ideal for those just learning to sew. They also have the option to increase the speed as one learns so they can become ready for a larger sewing machine.
  • Easy to use – these sewing machines usually have basic operation even if they have multiple stitch options they usually can be operated by the touch of a button or the turn of a knob. They also come with instructions booklets as well for anything that the learner can’t easily figure out themselves.
  • No complications – it allows new users to learn the basics of sewing with basic patterns before they get into more advanced ones. They usually have just basic stitches along with the reverse option but have enough to teach children or other individuals who are new to sewing.

eSecure mini sewing machineApart from teaching or learning, these smaller than average sewing machines are also great to have around the house if you just need something to do, some occasional mending and sewing and no large sewing projects. Some of these types of machines are portable and run off simple AA batteries and so they can be taken around for example to sewing class or whatever you need to take it around for. You can find these compact sewing machines in all your favorite brands such as Brother. The Brother LS2 125 Sewing Machine is ideal for moderate sewing and alterations. It has a metal chassis and has 14 stitches for the user to choose form. It also features a 4 step buttonhole with automatic operation and a free conversion arm. It has an automatic bobbin winder and front loading bobbin and can do both forward and reverse sewing.

There are other brands of compact sewing machines and types of sewing machines as well. There are handheld machines that can be used for simple alterations and quick fixes when you get an accidental sewing hitch. You can find sewing machines with features such as lamps for aiding you when sewing in less than stellar lighting settings. There are also those that use only batteries as well as those that use an AC adapter. You can even find a mini sewing machine that allows you to have foot control. Mini sewing machines are a great idea for a lot of purposes – they are lightweight and portable and not to mention easy to use.


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