Janome J3-24 Sewing Machine Review

Janome J3-24 sewing machine

*Overall Rating: ★★★★★

*No. of Consumer Reviews Found: 11

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If you’re confused about choosing the right sewing machine that has a vast amount of built in options to ensure professional results, look no further than the Janome J3-24 Sewing machine. This sewing system comes equipped with a front loading bobbin and a sleek convertible free-arm for sewing round designs. The J3- 24 series sewing machine which comes with a user friendly soft or hard case instruction manual has a stress free auto needle threader, and a one-step buttonhole that is completely automatic. The very handy and highly dependable accessory pack comes with over 10 tools used for supporting all your sewing needs.

The Janome J3-24 Sewing Machine Description

The Janome J3-24 Sewing machine has been backed by a top name since 2004. Janome is the first sewing machine development company to introduce a sewing machine that was small and quiet to sew at speeds of 1600 S.P.M (stitches per minute), twice the speed of traditional sewing machines that preceded this advancement.  This model has a variety of adjustable stitch width and length settings which allows for 16 utility and 8 decorative stitches. The Janome J3-24 sewing machine comes with a durable hard cover for protecting the appliance when not in use.

With your purchase of the Janome J3-24 you will receive the sewing machine along with a pack of needles, bobbins, the standard foot along with five other feet, seam ripper and screw driver so you can start sewing right out of the box once you have your material and thread ready and available.

The Janome J3-24 features

  • 24 integrated sewing options
  • simple 1-step preset buttonhole creation
  • adjustable sewing width & length settings
  • built-in needle threading system
  • easy quick foot conversion
  • optional drop feed for embroidery by hand
  • easy free arm adjustment for circular sewing
  • convenient one-hand thread cutter
  • work storage compartment
  • solid protective cover
  • Stock Foot
  • Automatic Buttonhole Foot
  • Zipper Foot
  • Hemmer Foot 2mm
  • Blind Hem Foot
  • Satin Stitch Foot
  • Phillips Head Screwdriver
  • Needle Set
  • Seam Ripper
  • Bobbins

Customer Reviews for the Janome J3-24 Sewing Machine

If you are not experienced in purchase sewing machines you will need some reviews to guide your purchase decision. Here are a couple Janome J3-24 reviews that can help you do just that. In this section you will get to see what owners and consumers that have purchased this particular sewing machine are saying about it. Here are a couple snippets from the reviews;

  • ‘Very pleased with its performance…’
  • ‘A great deal quieter and very portable.’
  • ‘…it has proven to be a well-made and easy to use sewing machine…’
  • ‘This is my first sewing machine and it is really easy to use.’

One reviewer of the Janome J3-24 says she is new at using sewing machines. She believes that this one is a great choice since it allows you to perform a number of different sewing tasks and it is easy to use. She states that prior to her purchase she did a lot of research on the various brands and models that were available on the market at the time then she spoke to some members of her local WI. Both the reviews and the women suggested a Janome and stated that this option would be a great one for starters. She states that she is extremely pleased with what she has been able to accomplish with the machine to date and look forward to completing more complex tasks in the future. She loves the fact that it has the ability to sew cloths with different levels of thickness and say that the sewing machine is very reliable. She recommends this sewing machine to others who are seeking a good first machine to purchase.

One reviewer says that after 20 years of owning a Janome sewing machine there was no guessing that their next sewer would be a Janome when it was time to update. She loves the fact that she was able to set up the sewing machine very easily and she is happy that it is a lot quieter than her older version and also a lot more portable. She recommends its purchase and even recommended it to someone who actually purchased it off of her recommendation.

Another reviewer noted that the sewing machine is great because it is suitable for both people at an intermediate level as well as those who are just starting out. She says she is a happy customer and loves the fact that the Janome J3-24 is very easy to use and is also made from quality materials.

One lady said she purchased this for her mom as her mom loves to make quilts. She says that she loved this one because she got it at a great price and because she had experience with Janome sewing machines being the best.

One reviewer states that this is their first sewing machine and that they found it very easy to use. She said the instructions manual was very clear and so she was able to make curtains and a bag so far. She says she will next try to put in a zipper and make some buttonholes. She says the price is great for a reputable brand and the sewer has a load of features that make it an all-round great purchase. She recommends the purchase of the Janome J3-24.


This sewing machine is lightweight and the reviewers are raving about its ease of use and simple instructions. Reviewers also note that it is great value for money as well.


There are not many reviews for this product but in the reviews seen there were no complaints about the Janome J3-24.


The Janome J3-24 sewing machine doesn’t have a lot of reviews but the small amount of reviews that it does have at the moment are all excellent five star reviews. This is a good indication of the quality of the sewing machine and so if you are thinking about making a purchase you can make it with confidence.


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