Janome Sewing Machines

Janome Sewing Machines are currently some of the best and most innovative sewing machines on the market. They are also currently the largest manufacturer and supplier of domestic sewing machines in the world. The Janome Sewing Machine Company has done a lot to make their brand recognized in the UK. Their efforts have paid off with many consumers holding true to brand loyalty and only purchasing Janome machines just because their family members have been using them for years. But that isn’t the sole reason they choose these machines but also because they are highly durable while still being efficient and innovative. The three Janome factories and all of its products are certified according to the Quality Standard ISO 9002 as well as the Environmental Standard ISO 14001. This way you know you are getting a truly superb product while not purchasing products that are not produced in a safe way for the environment. They operate not only in the UK but also in Germany, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia, Latin America, Canada and the United States.

Janome History

vintage jenome sewing machineThe Janome Company was established in the year 1921. They were the first sewing machine company to make domestic sewing machines that were capable of performing multi-coloured embroidery. Through the years they have continued to lead sewing machine manufactures in the area of embroidery.

The UK offices of Janome were established in the year 1969. Their name back then was New Home Sewing Machine Co. Ltd. Their name changed to Janome in the middle of the 1990’s at which time the company had sewing machines in approximately 200 retailers across the United Kingdom. They had a very extensive line of products back then and have even more now. Since then, they have teamed up with a number of sewing experts across the nation to provide support for all the sewing machines they manufacture and sell.

Some of the best Janome Products

Janome J3-24If you are looking for a lightweight sewing machine that features a front loading bobbin case they you may opt to choose from the Janome J3 Series line. You have three choices in this line to include the 18, 20 and 24 stitch options. They all feature a convertible free arm which makes circular sewing easy. If you want an overlocker with a lot of features you can try the Janome 9300DX which is a compact sewing machine. If you have a digital model you can choose from two levels of software – introductory and professional. If you want to upgrade to one of their newest machines you can check out any of the two following:

One of the newest in the line of Janome Machines is the Janome MB4 which is the first 4 needle embroidering machine for use in the home! The newest in the line is the HORIZON Memory Craft 1200. This is the first long arm embroidery sewing machine that is automatic. This is a very expensive model that not many hobbyist will be able to afford. For home use the Janome J3-24 could be a much better option. These Janome Sewing Machines features the ease of use you have come to know from Janome and the innovation that you have come to expect.