Brother XL2220NT Sewing Machine Review

Brother XL2220NT

*Overall Rating: ★★★★½

*No. of Consumer Reviews Found: 51

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The Brother XL2220NT is definitely one of the best sewing machines on the market currently. It is made with a simple design so that the sewing machine is easy to use even without going to the manual which still provides step by step instruction so that you can become a veteran seamstress in no time.

It has a lot going on for it having 11 automatic stich settings, two needle positions and much more. Added to that it comes with a three year manufacturers guarantee so you know your purchase is protected. This sewing machine has a lot of features which you will find below.

The Brother XL2220NT Sewing Machine Description

If you are looking for a sewing machine that is simple and straightforward to use but still very efficient for a number of users, the Brother XL2220NT is a great choice. If you are a new sewer or an experienced one, a young individual or an elderly person who wears glasses you will find this machine a breeze to use.

It comes with a number of convenient and helpful features that helps you to get through your sewing with ease and enables you to provide professional looking items from your sewer. Use this sewing machine to create items of décor for your home that will wow your visitors when they enter your door. If you cannot be bothered with reading through and instruction booklet you will be happy to know that this machine comes with an instructional DVD so you can sit down and watch the video while you do what it is guiding you to do.

The Brother XL2220NT Features

  • Self-threader
  • Drop in Bobbin with automatic winding + three bobbins
  • Extra spool spin
  • 49 watt motor
  • 11 automatic stich styles
  • 2 needle positions + pack of needles
  • 4 step buttonhole with button hole foot and button sewing foot
  • Zipper insertion foot
  • Clipper feet
  • Push lever revers
  • Indicator that shows which stitch pattern is active
  • Screwdriver
  • Darning plate
  • Instructions booklet and DVD
  • 5.9 KG
  • 3 year manufacturers’ guarantee

Customer Reviews for the Brother XL2220NT Sewing Machine

Customers have a lot to say about this sewing machine and they are telling all in their Brother XL2220NT reviews. You will find a number of those reviews right here but before you read those; here is some of what jumped out at us in the reviewers comments;

  • “Good buy and DVD is very helpful for complete novices like me!”
  • “Cannot fault it at all.”
  • “I’m still practicing, but it seems great so far”
  • “An excellent machine for first-timers.”
  • “I can’t fault this machine and the price is brilliant”

One reviewer states that they purchased this sewing machine for their eleven year old daughter. They said they made the purchase due to the fact that her daughter had just started sewing classes and that she herself was a beginner at sewing as well. She finds that he Brother XL2220NT is extremely easy to use and very lightweight. She recommends the machine to friends and states that it was a good purchase.

One reviewer who was a female within the 25 to 34 age range admitted to being a novice and commented that the DVD was great for that reason. She went on to say that the sewing machine was a very good buy and she would recommend its purchase to anyone who she finds seeking a sewing machine for sale. Other female reviewers also echoed her comments about the DVD being great and say that the sewing machine provides a lot of value for money.

One reviewer says she had a cheap machine which had a lot of faults and as such was making her life very complicated. She made this purchase after deciding that she should treat herself. She says she is not disappointed with her purchase as the machine is very easy to use and it is great for doing intricate work. She says that since purchasing this product she is continuously thinking of new sewing tasks so that she has a reason to use it often.

In one of the Brother XL2220NT reviews that we came across the reviewer notes that they initially were having a lot of trouble trying to thread the machine but that was easy to fix. They then gave the DVD a look and found that it was quite easy. She says she is new to sewing and is using this one for practice but she loves how everything is moving smoothly so far with this one.

One reviewer noted that they purchased the sewer after reading a couple reviews on it. They were very pleased when they received the item since they found it to be a lot sturdier and bigger than the picture had made it seem. They however noted that the machine is still lightweight. They love the fact that it comes with a DVD with instructions and says that this is very useful for first time users of sewing machines.

They caution you to sit with the remote in hand as you will have to do some pausing and rewinding as you go through the instructions and try to work with the machine at the same time but say it is a lot better than having to read a book. They love that there is an included dust cover so that the machine can be protected when not in use and also love the fact that they just need to drop in the bobbin. They were happy to find that the Brother XL2220NT has a feature that is not listed in its specification which is a thread cutter. They conclude their review by saying it is perfect for those who have just started sewing and they look forward to doing a lot of sewing with this machine. They definitely recommend.

One male reviewer commented that the machine was the best because it was both nice to look at and nice to use while being ultra-lightweight for the capabilities it has. They recommend this sewing machine.

One reviewer said she was able to start sewing with this machine within ½ hour of receiving it even though she had never owned a sewing machine in her life. She says this is because all the instructions were easy and the fact that she could use the DVD made it even easier. She went on to say that she found everything that came in the package is made from high quality materials excepting for the cover which is a bit flimsy. She however says she is extremely pleased with the machine and recommends it.


The Brother XL2220NT is very lightweight and comes with DVD instructions which are easier to follow than reading a printed manual.


There were a couple comments from reviewers about the self-threading feature being a bit tricky but those individuals still gave the Brother XL2220NT a great review.


The Brother XL2220NT reviews all point to one thing – this is a great sewing machine and when the consumers speak, who are we to go against their word? This machine is definitely worth a serious look.



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